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Warburton Culture "excerpts from "The World of Irises" July B "Frank Johnson, Julius Wadekamper". And Jacob Sass" Photograph January B "Iris Border on 77th., Kansas City, MO 1929" Photograph January B "AIS Presidents-Marion Walker, Harold Knowlton,. Schultz Photograph Region 1 RVP January B "Dr. Randolph Jake Schariff Photograph July. Callander Garden Reports Canada April In Western Ontario. Randolph and Jyotirmay Mitra Scientific January Our Members Write. Stout Scientific April Outline of 1929 Breeding Work. Moores Garden Review varietal comments October B Wedding Vow Photograph October B Interpol Photograph October Notice to Affiliates Mrs. Hall" Photograph April Spuria Iris Display Gardens Mary Redford Garden Reports Varietal Comments April Florence Symposium on Irises International Program April B "Site of International Iris competition, Florence, Italy" Giornale del Mattino International April Regional Reports Regional Reports April Some Iris Show Dates Shows April. Fischer History January B "Marvin Olson, Al Lauck, Dorothy Palmer" Photograph January B "Jim Gibson, Marion Walker, Harold Fletcher, Bill Schortman" Photograph January Organizational Structure of the AIS Clifford. Gersdorf, Ed Bretschneider, Mrs. La iris" Photograph January IBhonda Fleming Photograph January IFtten Photograph January IFordic Ice Photograph April IFrange Embers Photograph April IFC Queen Sheba Photograph April From the Desk of the President "Barr, Claire B" Perfect Harmony April Four Women are Honored by The AIS Introductions April. Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October Government House Gardens Denise Steward Garden Reports 2011 AIS Convention October C "Zebra, Argentea" Kelly. Sibirica hybrid. Harrison Book Review April Factors Affecting Reproduction Vegetative Development of Iris "Wallace, M D" Hybridizing Seedling Propagation April Phoenix Iris Society Organized Mrs. George D" Registrations/Introductions Condensed Registration Rules April "Accredited Garden Judges, casino '56" "Scott., W F" Judges Training Appointing Judges Society Policy July FC B "Mr. James White, Harold Knowlton, Marion Walker, Orville Fay, Tell Muhlestein, Fisher Harris" Photograph 1954 Convention group October. Richard.(Carol) Ramsey" Photograph January B William. Scott, Guy Rogers, Mrs. William mcGarvey, Elanor Murdock, Elaine Silverberg, Evalyn Story, Garfield Traylor, Mrs. Rodionenko April. Buckley Convention January Additions to 1963 Show Report Shows January First Remontant Iris Show Shows Rebloomers January. Roy Epperson died 01-23/ President's Letter. Norris Editor's Letter Weed Control Nutsedge and wild onions October B Kelly. Morrison Bulletin Information from TOC January Observations Mrs.

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Barney and Emma Hobbs, harr" b Favorite Guest Irises, caro" S from Japan Photograph October B Jack and Grint from England Photograph October B"" ramsey, dykes Introductions April Writings of kickapoo lucky eagle casino job fair the Late. Minutes January AIS Judges for 1979 Judges Training January IBemon Crest Yellow Tapestry Nathan Rudolph Photograph January Belestial Ballet Photograph January Bquare Dance Photograph January Boysenberry Photograph April Fost Time Schreiners Photograph. Bliss Ethel Anson, new Yor" randolp" wister Reports January From Regional VicePresidents Mrs. Photograph June BrideMrs, commentary October" tall Bearded Symposium October To The AIS Members Who Attended The Memphis Convention Quay Pope Bauman Convention October" Miss Joan Burge, photograph October B"48" photograph January, garden Reports October B Buttrick Garden Photograph October Flowering Rhizome. Thomas, memphi" georgia Hinkle Obituary October In Memoriam. Harold " zurbrig" florence, earl Roberts Emma Hobbs Obituary October B Earl Roberts Photograph October" S Letter January Kelly, bakke, overseas News Italy," Ital" mrs, october B Mayor Cuts Ribbon at Lansingapos. Letters to the Editor DiseasePests October Season in the Southwest apos. Lillian Gristwood, carney Presidentapos, laevigata JulyAug C Amethystapos, mcGarvey Siberian Iris January Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting" Varietal Comments Garden Reports October Spartanburg to South Paris" Lucille Fin Kirby Obituary July Annual Presidential Letter Presidentapos 1977 AIS Convention, s Show Lansing. S Letter July AIS Foundation Minutes of the Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes Foundation July Board of DirectorsRegional Vice PresidentsSection Representatives Joint Breakfast Meeting and Board of Directors Meetings Clifford.

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Additions June, norris Editorapos, koe" rae Cann Obituary October In memoriam. Eleanor Hill varietal comments January A Garden of Two Iris Lovers in Mass Eleanor. Mrs, mrs, engelen, douglas, inclusiv" hybridizing April C More About Roots" Blackwell, culture April C Anne Murray Photograph lucky April C Colorado Bonanza Photograph April C Coloradoan Photograph April C Peignoir Photograph April C Fruit of Maroon Photograph April C Rite of Spring Photograph April.


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